Gurudwara Sri Nanak Matta Sahib, Sitarganj

Gurdwara Name Gurudwara Sri Nanak Matta Sahib Address Nanakmatta, Sitarganj, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand
Zipcode 262405 Phone 91 5948 241525, 241244
Fax 91 5948 241702 Contact Email
Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information 9917473403, 9568710999
Sarai facilities 50 rooms are with attached bath and beds
Sarai Room Count 100
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History Guru Nanak Dev ji sat near the present location of the Gurdwara meditating under a pipal tree (Sacred fig or Ficus religiosa tree). The yogis were surprised to see him there as this place was quite inaccessible, especially during the winter months. The weather being cold, Bhai Mardana asked the yogis for some fire. However, they refused to help Bhai Mardana. The yogis, instead, taunted him and told him that he should go and ask his Guru who was with him. At this, Guru Nanak Dev ji looked at a pile of firewood nearby and it instantly ignited. Bhai Mardana was thus able to keep warm and enjoy the fire. Suddenly, the weather changed for the worse and it began to rain. As a result, the fires lit by the yogis were extinguished but the one lit by Guru ji was not affected at all. The yogis realized their mistake and fell at the feet of the Guruji. The next morning, they all gathered together and came to Guru ji for a religious discussion. They again used their occult powers and tried to lift the pipal tree under which Guru ji was sitting out of the ground. When the tree had risen by a few feet, Guru ji simply placed his hand on it and it stopped rising. The same tree can be seen in the Gurdwara compound. Guru ji explained to the yogis the path of true meditation and salvation. The yogis learnt from the Guruji and gained valuable knowledge ("Matt"). This place then came to be known as "Nanak Mata" and became a major centre of the Udasi sect. As explained earlier, this place used to be retreat of Gorakhpanthi Nath Yogis and was called Gorakh Mata before Guru Nanak Devji came here during his travels in early sixteenth century. The Yogis at first behaved contemptuously towards the Guruji and tried to overawe him with their occult powers. But as he remained undaunted and unaffected by their rudeness and miracle-making, they agreed to talk to him. Guru Nanak Devji impressed upon them the impropriety and unrighteousness of their path of renunciation, and exhorted them to live a pious yet active life of a God-oriented man of the world. century later, when Bhai Almast came to preach the message of the Gurus in the eastern provinces, he found Nanak Mata again occupied by Nath Yogis. Finding himself unable to evict them, he sent word for help to Guru Hargobind Sahib ji, who was then residing at Darauli Bhai. The Guruji at once reached Nanak Mata, chastised the Yogis and revived the Sikh shrine. Bhai Almast made Nanak Mata his principal preaching centre for the rest of his life, and it continued to be served by Udasi priests after his death
Remarks The Gurdwara is located 15 kilometres west of Khatima Railway Station on the Pilibhit-Tanakpur metre-gauge section of North-Eastern Railway. Other Gurdwaras near it are - Gurudwara Doodhwala, address as above, Mr. Sewa Singh 91-5948-251762 .Gurudwara Bhandari Bohard, address as above, Mr. Samsher Singh .Bauli Sahib/Phauri Ganga, address as above, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh . About 140 km from this shrine is another famous spot called Gurdwara Retha Sahib. When Guru Nanak along with companion Mardana visited this place, he took rest under a Soapnut (Retha) tree. Mardana felt hungry. Guruji asked him to pluck and eat the fruit from the soapnut tree. Soapnuts are bitter in taste but there on that particular branch they are sweet even today. Pilgrims bring a soapnut or two as parshad. Accessibility Air:Nearest airport is Pantnagar,62 km Rail:Nearest railhead are Tanakpurr:39 km ,Kathgodam: 85 km , Khatima:15 km. Road: Well connected by road . Bareilly:124 km, Nainital:121 km.