Gurdwara Qila Mubarak Patshahi Dasvin, Bathinda

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Qila Mubarak Patshahi Dasvin Address Bathinda
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History The city of Bhatinda was graced by Guru Gobind Singhji. He halted at the mausoleum of Haji Rattan, a celebrated muslim saint, which was at a distance of two kilometers outside the city. On the site a Gurdwara, called Haji Rattan,stands today in the memory of the Tenth Master. The keeper of the tomb, tried to dissuade the Guruji from camping here, on the pretext that it was a haunted place. The Guruji disregarding his warning tied his horse to the trunk of 'van' tree. People of Bhatinda met him and begged him to evict the one-eyed cruel ogre living in the fort. The merciful Guruji, readily acceded to the request and forcibly turned out the giant. Gurdwara Sahib in Bhatinda qila (fort) stands at the place where according to tradition the Guruji combated the ogre and sent him into flight.
Remarks Qila Mubarak is a historical monument in the heart of the city of Bathinda in India. It has been in existence for approximately 1400 years in its current place. It was here that Razia Sultan, the first woman to take charge of the Delhi throne was incarcerated on her defeat and dethroned. The bricks of the fort date back to the Kushana period when emperor Kanishka ruled over Northern India/Bactria. Raja Dab, along with emperor Kanishka, is believed to have built the fort.