Gurdwara Bhatta Sahib, Ropar

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Bhatta Sahib Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg , Village Kotla Nihang Khan, Ropar
Zipcode Phone 01881 22932, 23932
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information
Sarai facilities There are 24 big and 6 small individual rooms available for anyone. Rooms have attached bath , a double bed and 2 single bed in big room sarai
Sarai Room Count 30
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History Guru Gobind singh ji visited here 4 times and Guru Gobind singh ji's horse footsteps , his sword & Sri Sahib nishanis can be seen here. First time he came while he was returning to Anandpur after winning the battle of Bhangani. It is said that when Guruji asked for a place to stay, the labourers working at the Bhatta - Kiln pointed towards the burning `Kiln'. Ignorent labourers did not realised whom they were talking too. As soon as the horse of Guru ji stepped on the burning kiln it became cold. Chaudhary Nihang Khan , the owner of the Bhatta who was in his Qila was informed about this event. He rushed to Bhatta and to his astonishment saw Guru Gobind singh Ji sitting on the Bhatta. Chaudhary bowed his head in front of the Guru and asked for pardon. He took Guruji to his fort and gave necessary amenities to his army. For the second time Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to the engagement of Alam Khan the son of Nihang Khan in 1752. For the third time in 1759 after returning from Kurukshetra, Guruji came to Bhatta Sahib. For the fourth time, the Guru Ji came to Bhatta after leaving Anandpur Sahib forever in 1761 B.K. Prakash Diwas of 1st, 5th and 10th Patshahi, Sangrand with Amrit Sanchar, Jor Mela from 1st Poh to 4th Poh and Anniversary of Baba Jiwan Singh Ji on 11th are organised here. .Its on Ropar Chandigarh Road. It is 3 km. from the Ropar Railway Station and rickshaw charges rs 20 from bus stand and nearest airport Chandigarh is only 40 km away.