Bhai Gurdas Hall, Amritsar

Gurdwara Name Bhai Gurdas Hall Address Opposite Kotwali Town , Amritsar
Zipcode Visit personally req Phone 0183 2553957, 58, 59
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Sarai facilities 20 individual rooms with common bath , 2 halls having a capacity of 2000 persons. Rooms have 3 to 4 beds . Its free of charge .
Sarai Room Count 20
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History Bhai Gurdas was born in 1551 in Goindwal . His father was Bhai Ishardas who was a first cousin of Guru Amar Das & mothers name was Jivani & she died in 1554 when Gurdasji was only 3yrs old & he was adopted by his uncle Guru Amar Das. He learned Sanskrit, Brijbhasha, Persian and Punjabi (Gurmukhi) and eventually began preaching Sikhism. He spent his early years at Goindwal and Sultanpur Lodhi. At Goindwal he listened to scholars and swamis who kept visiting the town while traversing the Delhi-Lahore road. He later moved to Varanasi where he studied Sanskrit and Hindu scriptures. There, he was subsequently initiated into Sikhism. After Guru Amar Dasji died, his successor Guru Ram Dasji, appointed Gurdas as the Sikh missionary to Agra. He completed the Adi Granth in 1604. It took him nearly 11 years to complete this task. Bhai Gurdas not only wrote the Adi Granth as dictated by Guru Arjan Devji but also supervised four other scribes, Bhai Haria, Bhai Sant Das, Bhai Sukha and Bhai Manasa Ram. He assisted these scribes in the writing of various scriptures.His other works in Punjabi are collectively called Varan Bhai Gurdas. Bhai Gurdas also contributed the labour of his hands to the excavation of the sacred pool at Amritsar (1577). He died on 25 August 1636 in Goindwal & Guru Har Gobind Sahibji personally performed the ceremonial cremation.
Remarks For booking, one has to come in person here at the booking counter and for any help. * Manager, Sri Harmandir Sahib : 0183 2553953 * Information office: 0183 2553954