Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Asthan, Nahan

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Asthan Address Delhi gate, Nahan, district Sirmour
Zipcode Phone 9418069940
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information Amrik Singh Shah
Sarai facilities Free of cost with attached bath and beds
Sarai Room Count 8
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History On invitation by King Medini Prakash of Sirmaur state, Sri Guru Gobind Rai Sahib Ji, the 10th Guruji, reached Nahan, the then capital city of Sirmaur state on 17 Vaisakh in Samvat 1742 Bikrami (1685). Guru Ji reached there with all of his family members and lots of Sikhs. The place, where Guru Ji lived during his stay in Nahan city is not far from fort of Nahan, the residence of King Medini Prakash. A Gurdwara Sahib, Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Asthan Patshahi 10, has been built on that place. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is installed exactly on the place, where King of Kings, Sri Guru Gobind Rai Sahib used to sit on his throne. The ladies of Guru Ji’s family stayed inside fortress of King Medini Prakash. King Medini Prakash built a ‘Borha’ (small well) to fulfill water requirement of Guru Ji’s camp. This historic ‘Borha’ still exists. According to local tradition, Guru Ji stayed in Nahan for more than 8 months. King Medini Prakash requested Guru Ji to found a new city in his Sirmaur Kingdom. Guru Ji accepted his request and founded a city, which is now known as Paonta Sahib. A fortress was built in Paunta Sahib and then Guru Ji shifted to Paunta Sahib. King Medini Prakash used to visit Paunta Sahib to meet Guru Ji. Sri Nagar (Garhwal) was a neighboring state of Sirmaur state. The king of Garhwal was Fateh Shah. Fateh Shah had occupied a few villages of Sirmaur state. Guru Ji mediated and the dispute between King Medini Prakash and King Fateh Shah was solved.